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Surc. A remote control revolution.

We know. You've heard it before: There's one remote to control all your electronics! Then you upgrade your TV or add a home theater and your "universal" remote isn't so universal anymore.

Well, it's time to toss your remote caddies and clear off your coffee table. With Surc©, you'll control all the electronic devices in your life from your SmartPhone. Here's what separates Surc from the pack:

  • It's all about YOU
    Customize the design of your remote, including the content and placement of buttons. Use gestures to control common functions like channels and volume, and personalize the remote for you.
  • Super sleek case
    Get the FREE iPhone application with our sleek case and you can control most of your InfraRed controlled devices.
  • No WiFi or multiple receivers required
    Control any device in your home, office or anywhere.

How will you use your ShopCode©?

You know you've got something special. But how do you reach the consumers who want to buy what you're selling? Whether you are marketing yourself, your product or your business, ShopCode can reach your digitally-wired consumer.

Set-up is a snap and the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Put your code on your business card and give valued clients, investors or contacts exclusive access to your private information.
  • Use your code in an advertisement for customers to redeem coupons, access specials and more.
  • Include the code on a real estate sign to give window-shoppers full information on their mobile device.
  • Educate art lovers with piece or show-specific information, including anything from artist information to price.

What can ShopCode do for you?


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